Hall of fame

Dr. Rafal Lalik

PhD candidate and a Postdoc

Email: rafal.lalik(at)ph.tum.de

Dr. Cristiane Jahnke

Post doc

Email: cristiane.jahnke(at)cern.ch

Alex Chauvin

PhD Candidate

Email: alex.chauvin11(at)gmail.com

Dr. Tobias Kunz

PhD Candidate

What I did: Calibration of the HADES Cherenkov Detektor, π0 and Σ0 Analysis in pNb and Au+Au collissions and RICH700 Detector Upgrade.

Email: tobias.kunz(at)tum.de

Dr. Oliver Arnold

PhD candidate and the "Femto-Daddy" of the group

Email: oliver.arnold(at)mytum.de

Dr. Martin Berger

PhD candidate

Email: mberger(at)ph.tum.de

Dr. Robert Münzer

PhD candidate

Email: rmuenzer(at)ph.tum.de

Dr. Jia-Chii Berger-Chen

PhD candidate

Email: jia-chii.chen(at)tum.de

Dr. Kirill Lapidus

Post Doctoral Researcher

Now at: Yale University

Email: kirill.lapidus(at)ph.tum.de

Dr. Eliane Epple

PhD candidate

Now at: Yale University

Email: eliane.epple(at)ph.tum.de

Dr. Johannes Siebenson

PhD candidate

Email: Johannes.Siebenson(at)ph.tum.de

Dr. Alexander Schmah

Research Assistant

Now at: LBNL Berkley California

Email: aschmah(at)lbl.gov

Dr. Francesco Cusanno

Research Assistant

Dr. Olaf Hartmann

Research Assistant

Now at: SMI Wien

Email: ol.hartmann(at)gsi.de

Deniz Karakoç


What I do:

Email: dnzkarako(at)gmail.com

Tel: +49 89 28912563

Room: PH 2162

Shuna Lu

Master candidate

Email: ga93tok(at)mytum.de

Jenny Padberg

Bachelor candidate

Email: padberg.jenny(at)googlemail.com

Gramos Qerimi

Bachelor candidate

Email: g-qerimi(at)web.de

Matthias Zipper

Bachelor candidate

Email: matthiaszipper(at)aol.com

Barbara Schweisshelm

Technical student

What I did: Femtoscopy in pion induced reactions

Email: barbara(at)schweisshelm.com

Ulrike Fahrendholz

What I do: Pion yield analysis with HADES

Email: u.fahrendholz(at)gmail.com